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About Upcycle with Jing

At Upcycle with Jing, we want you to both look and feel good when wearing our jewelry. Every one of our jewelry pieces have been handcrafted from PET plastic bottles we found in Helsinki.

For too long now, the environment has been ravaged in search of precious metals used to make traditional forms of jewelry. With our jewelry, not only will you wear an exquisitely beautiful earring, hairpiece or brooch, you also give a second life to plastic that can otherwise be left to pollute the environment.


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About our Jewelry

Our Jewelry is inspired by nature. Many of our pieces are a tribute to the beauty and delicateness of various flowers. With each piece handcrafted to finessed perfection, they are perfect for dressing up or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one, on Mother’s day, Women’s Day, a birthday or for a wedding.


made in finland keyflag symbol, design from FinlandWe are extremely proud to announce that we have been awarded the Key Flag mark.

Key Flag Symbol is a registered collective mark. It demonstrates that the product has been manufactured or the service has been produced in Finland, creating Finnish jobs. The objective of the Key Flag Symbol mark of origin is to provide information on the Finnish origin of a product or service and its contribution to Finnish work.⁠


Our Mission

Upcycle with Jing follows a simple yet profound mission:

To elevate a wearer’s self-confidence through uniquely styled, sustainable jewelry, and lessen our collective waste output in the process.

Recycling and reuse are both crucial behaviors we should all seek to adopt. But sometimes, maintaining consistency in these practices can be challenging. Businesses like Upcycle with Jing work to make a difference, lessening harmful mining and production practices in favor of crafting with repurposed materials that are styled in both the name of fashion and ethics.


Our Vision

Upcycle with Jing’s vision is only possible with your patronage:

Within the next 15 years, we see ourselves as a leading voice in a community of upcyclers, with the goal of annually transforming a minimum of 80 tons of unused waste into valuable products.

Visions are destiny yet to manifest. We passionately believe that if you can see it, you can achieve it. But we also know that our success is tied to your interest. That is why we encourage you to be more than a consumer – be part of social change. Upcycle with Jing is a company committed to disrupting all markets responsible for runaway pollution and irresponsible waste. The more people like you we can bring to our cause, the more impactful our disruption will be.


Our Values

Upcycle with Jing’s values are four-fold:

  • Sustainable Living – To make manufacturing, selling, and purchasing choices that do less harm and prepare the ground to revitalize the world’s ecosystems.
  • Personalized Beauty – To encourage custom looks that represent the wearer and speak to their life journey.
  • Social Responsibility – To do well by our neighbors, making choices that are just and morally sound. We also strive to provide job opportunities for local crafters/disabled people.
  • Environmental Stewardship – To promote environmental prosperity and resilience, safeguarding the world for ourselves and future generations.


Our Social Responsibility

As an upcycling company, we strongly believe in championing an environmental cause. 7% of all sales generated on this website are donated to Project Greenhands, an environmental outreach project aimed at significantly increasing the green cover in a Southern state in India.


We invite you to help us make change while sporting jewelry that speaks to your personality and morals in the process.


Meet Your Designer – Jing Wang

designer wang jing at her upcycle studio in Helsinki, handmade in Finland, eco-friendly jewelry, bridal earrings

Hi, I’m Jing.

I began my journey in China, where I pursued studies in industrial design. Shortly after beginning my academics, the interest I had in studies quickly evaporated as I came to notice the foundations of my career pursuits were wastefully exploiting precious resources for structures that only further harmed the environment. It was at this important moment that I embraced my true calling.

I wasted no time in moving to Finland, where I redirected my energies into researching single-used plastic upcycling. Here, I would study sustainable waste practices and author a compelling thesis focused on the value of this process. But my journey wouldn’t end there. I stood up the first iteration of my current business at Aalto University, selling upcycled jewelry to the local community. I could never have imagined the level of demand that would follow, or where it would lead me.

Today, I operate my business from my home in Finland, the country that showed me how one person’s waste can truly become another person’s treasure. Ever since, I have served as an enthusiast for environmentally conscious production methods and remain a passionate supporter of jewelry that not only accents but represents the unique personality inside of each and everyone one of us.


Best regards,
Jing Wang, Designer at Upcycle with Jing

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upcycle with jing logo, sustainable jewelry made from plastic bottle, eco wedding earrings

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