The Creation of Jellyfish/Meduusa Earrings

 From Plastic Bottle to Oceanic Beauty

June 8 is World Ocean Day. By wearing our upcycled jellyfish earrings, you can make a fashion statement while supporting environmental consciousness and reminding others of the impact of plastic waste on our oceans.

The birth of the Jellyfish Earrings

The Jellyfish Earring is one of the earliest upcycle jewelry designs of Upcycle with Jing. The idea came to me after watching the documentary “A Plastic Ocean" in 2021 at a screening event held by the international environmental organization Roots and Shoots Foundation. I was shocked by how plastic waste impacts our ecosystem, particularly a scene where birds died from ingesting plastic bags. This inspired me to create earrings from plastic bottles to raise awareness about the environmental impact of our plastic use.

A Plastic Ocean

Jellyfish are one of my favorite marine creatures due to their mysterious and graceful movements. Unfortunately, many marine animals mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and die from consuming them because a floating plastic bag can look like a lot of jellyfish to them. Thus, I chose jellyfish as the inspiration for these earrings.

Challenges of the Jellyfish Pattern Design

The first version of my design in 2021 was simple, consisting of just two pieces. But after a visit to an aquarium in Finland with my son recently, where we observed jellyfish up close, I was inspired to improve my design recently. This year, I launched the second version, which captures the jellyfish's elegance more vividly. 

The earliest design of Jellyfish Earrings 

Jellyfish Earrings
The latest design of Meduusa Earrings
Jellyfish Earrings

The main challenge was replicating the fluid motion of jellyfish tentacles. This required extensive time to sketch designs and experiment with heating techniques to transform 2D drawings into 3D earrings. Firstly, achieving a realistic and dynamic look involved constantly adjusting the cutting pattern designs, and I am still refining the current design.

Secondly, the crafting process demands skillful manipulation of the plastic, as it needs to be heated while rotating carefully to make each tentacle stretch in various directions without becoming rigid. Ensuring consistency in each pair of earrings requires artisans to practice continuously to perfect the technique.

Evolving Colors of Jellyfish Earring 

Currently the jellyfish earrings come in two colors: transparent and blue. The blue ones are specially made from Saskia sparkling water bottles. We are also experimenting with different coloring methods in the future, such as mixing UV resin with various dyes. This ongoing exploration aims to achieve the perfect outcome, and we look forward to introducing more colors in the future.

Oceanic Vibe Styling Tips with Jellyfish Earrings

These jellyfish earrings pair beautifully with light-colored, blue, white, or solid-colored outfits. Opt for relaxed, natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk, which create a breezy, oceanic vibe style. These materials complement the marine-inspired earrings perfectly, creating a refreshing look.

Jellyfish Earrings