Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Guide

Since becoming a mother last year, this is my first time bringing my little one back to Chengdu, China, to celebrate Mother's Day with my own mother. Having my first baby has made me even more appreciative of my mother's love and care. Mother’s daily life is filled with various tasks, and time always seems to be in short supply. We no longer strive for perfection in everything we do but are content with doing things to the best of our ability, knowing that perfection can come later with time. Unlike before when I used to spend a lot of time surfing my phone, I now prefer to spend time with my child, accompanying them as they grow and discover the world.

As a mother, I don't have many opportunities to wear fancy jewelry anymore, for fear that my baby might grab onto them. But as children grow older, mothers often desire to dress up occasionally, wearing our favorite clothes and adorning ourselves with beautiful jewelry to meet friends. This allows us to feel confident and beautiful before embracing our role as mothers.


Our Mother's Day Pick

With the arrival of May, Finland welcomes the sunny spring and summer seasons. Here are some jewelry recommendations for Mother’s Day that are perfect for this vivid season:

1. Butterfly Drop Earrings

Green is an excellent choice for mothers with fair hair and skin tones.  The delicate and joyful butterflies add a touch of spring color.

Butterfly Drop Earrings - Green Butterfly Drop Earrings - Green


2. Small Lily Drop Earrings

One of our timeless Lily designs, both elegant and lightweight. Wear them comfortably for extended periods without experiencing any ear discomfort.



3. Butterfly Bracelet

Wearing this beautiful and mysterious butterfly bracelet on your wrist adds charm to you. 

White pearl half moon braceletButterfly Bracelet - Black


4. Sakura Spring Drop Earrings

It is ideal for cherry blossom enthusiasts. It complements white, pink, black, and various other outfits beautifully.

Sakura Spring Drop EarringsSakura Spring Drop Earrings


5. Butterfly Orchid Earrings

These elegant small butterfly orchid earrings are a delicate addition to any outfit. Additionally, we offer customization for the flower color (dark/red/blue/stardust) and metal part color (gold/silver). 


6. Lily of the Valley Necklace

Embrace the timeless elegance of spring with delicate lily blooms on this collarbone-length necklace symbolizing purity and happiness.

Lily of the Valley Necklace Necklaces Upcycle with Jing

Upcycle with Jing jewellery has been established for four years, we have been evolving alongside our valued customers. A customer once shared her story with us: she used to love white and extravagant jewelry when she was young, but as she grew maturer, she developed a preference for understated black pieces and lightweight earrings to lessen the burden on her ears. In response, we expanded our offerings with the Butterfly Orchid series, featuring smaller sizes and a variety of colors, to accommodate diverse customer tastes.

I hope these selected eco-friendly jewelry pieces inspire you to choose beautiful and sustainable gifts for Mother's Day, bringing joy and happiness to them. Let mothers showcase their elegance while feeling kids’ love and care.