Upcycle with Jing at MUJI Local Design Village

It is with great pleasure that we announce the opening of Upcycle with Jing Jewelry at MUJI Local Design Village(MLDV) within MUJI Finland, located on the 4th floor of Kamppi Shopping Mall, Helsinki. We will be at MLDV from April 2024 to April next year, showcasing our beautiful sustainable jewelry all year around. The presence of our brand in MUJI marks a significant milestone for us . We will also hold  Upcycled Plastic Bottles Jewelry DIY Workshops at MUJI from time to time, each with different seasonal theme. You could stay informed about our future DIY workshops by subscribing to our newsletter

MUJI stands as an icon of minimalist design, functionality, and sustainability. This establishment's commitment to sustainability and quality resonates deeply with Upcycle with Jing’s ethos, making our partnership with the MUJI Local Design Village a natural fit.

Muji local design village

Significance of the MUJI Local Design Village

For the past two years, we have been participating in MUJI's community market a few times. Through numerous collaborations at these markets, our products have gradually gained recognition from both MUJI and its customers. Reflecting on this journey, Jing said “When Ms. Satoko, the project leader of MLDV, first introduced us to this innovative concept, I was filled with excitement and gratitude as I’ve always dreamed of having my own retail shop in the city center. I never expected this dream comes true so quickly. Though the concept was initially seemed abstract, requiring much thoughts, such as forms of capability, manpower, funding, and more.” Jing continued, “MUJI’s generosity in extending this invaluable opportunity allows us to connect with a wider audience, both locally and internationally. Moreover, it offers us the chance to learn from MUJI's extensive retail operation experience, and foster collaborative growth alongside other local Finnish design brands.”

Muji Local Design Village

The MUJI Local Design Village is more than just a marketplace; it represents a platform of artistic vision and entrepreneurial spirit. It serves as a hub in the heart of the city center for creativity, fostering collaboration and showcasing the finest talent within our community.

Highlighting Designer Brands in the Village

Alongside Upcycle with Jing, a total of 15 local artisans and designers gather at the MUJI Local Design Village, offering a diverse range of jewelry, accessories, textiles, stationery, textile, bags,  hair/skin care, and Japanese vintage clothing. Each brand brings a unique perspective and dedication to craftsmanship. We are honored to stand among these esteemed peers and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to share our creations with you.

Additionally, we had the pleasure of engaging with select designers within the village, gaining firsthand perspectives on their craft and aspirations for the future.

The local Finnish design brands in MLDV:

Upcycle with Jing

Above the Clouds

Inka Ruska


Mini + Mii


Valpuri Kerttula


Alonia eco hair

T to E

Moi Forest


Cotton Castle



Upcycle with Jing Future Outlook

We are committed to fostering a dynamic and engaging presence within the MUJI Local Design Village and eager to start this journey. Upcycle with Jing invites you to join us as we write the next chapter in our brand's story.

Whether you are an enthusiast of design, a supporter of local artisans, or simply attracted by the prospect of discovering something new, we welcome you to be a part of this significant occasion.

With warm regards,

Upcycle with Jing Team