Olvi X Upcycle with Jing Jewelry - Exclusive Earrings Collection as Customer Gift

We are delighted to collaborate with Olvi, a well-known Finnish beverage company with origins dating back to 1878 in Iisalmi. Together, we tried to demonstrate that elegance can emerge from unexpected places, and that beauty can be found in the most unconventional materials.

Upcycle with Jing triple flower drop earrings Olvi

The collaboration eventually brings 30 pairs of earrings crafted exclusively for Olvi as customer gifts, featuring three captivating color options: 1)Vibrant Green-Silver, 2)Elegant Black-Gold, and 3)Cheerful Pink-Purple-Gold. Inspired by our existing design, the Clear Triple-Flower Drop Earrings. 

Material Selection Process:

Following discussions between Upcycle with Jing and Olvi, four different plastic bottles were selected from Olvi's product range. Consideration was given to the plastic's characteristics, patterns, and colors, because not all types of bottles are suitable for this design due to craftsmanship constraints and aesthetic perception.

Design Inspiration:

In the initial stages of our creative process, our designer, Jing, explored several draft designs, each inspired by the unique hues of different bottles. After thorough discussions and talks, we came to a shared decision to feature the Clear Triple-Flower Drop Earrings in our latest collaboration.

Olvi bottle Upcycle with Jing jewelry

Among our earliest creations, the  Clear Triple-Flower Drop Earrings were born from the elegance and grace of ballet. Drawing inspiration from the fluid movements of a ballet dancer, these earrings capture the essence of graceful progression. Three delicate petal flowers, suspended from twin chains of varying lengths, emulate the dancer's seamless transitions between positions. As you move, the white bead drops dance and intertwine, evoking a sense of joy and lightness.

Expanding upon the original design, we developed six variations, each incorporating different color combinations sourced from the bottles themselves. 

Olvi bottle with Upcycle with Jing Floral Jewelry

/​Due to limitations in the quantity of finished products, although these two color designs were not ultimately selected and produced as gifts, Jing still personally loves the color combinations very much.​/

After careful consideration, we narrowed down the selection to three captivating color palettes:

  1. Vibrant Green-Silver: A lively blend that radiates energy and vitality, combining the freshness of green with the stylish touch of silver accents.
  2. Elegant Black-Gold: A classic duo that embodies grace and sophistication, mixing the allure of black with the luxury of gold.
  3. Cheerful Pink-Purple-Gold: A playful mix of colors, blending shades of pink and purple with subtle hints of gold for a fun yet stylish look.

The culmination of our creative exploration, these three distinct color combinations represent the harmonious union of creativity, craftsmanship, and sustainability. We invite you to experience the enchantment of the Clear Triple-Flower Drop Earrings, where every movement tells a story of beauty and grace.

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For the Company

If you are interested in offering an experience that combines elegance and upcycling to your clients and employees, we welcome collaborations with companies and organizations, providing an opportunity to jointly promote and showcase initiatives that seamlessly embody both elegance and eco-friendliness. Feel free to connect with us at jing@upcyclewithjing.com to share your ideas.

DIY Option:

While this special edition of Clear Triple-Flower Drop Earrings is not mass-produced, you can still own a pair by creating your own DIY version using Olvi plastic bottles(or any other PET plastic bottle you like). Enhance it with a touch of your style!

What You Need:

  • Olvi plastic bottle(or any other PET plastic bottle you like)
  • DIY Box (Eye pins x8, Earring hooks x2, Beads x8, Crystal beads x1, Chain: long drop: 6 cm, short drop: 3 cm)
  • Tools (Round nose pliers, Candle & Matches, Scissors, 1.5-2 mm Hole puncher)

Follow our video tutorial to create your upcycled earrings and embrace sustainability in style!