The Top Summer Jewelry Styling Tips To Feel Empowered All Season Long

Are you ready for summer? 


Long, warm nights. Beautiful sunsets. Priceless moments together with family and friends. 

Of course you are. 

But for you, this summer is also different. 

You’re doing more this summer. You’ve read up on how our individual actions harm the planet and how we can change our habits to make the world a better place. You’re taking sustainability into your own hands. From the plates you buy for your next party to what you’re going to wear to your best friend’s bridal shower, the environment is at the forefront of your mind starting now

But if sustainable summer fashion has you feeling stuck, we’ve got you covered. You want your outfits to embody your sustainable values and reflect your own sense of style. Whether you want something that makes you feel ready to dance with fairies in the meadow or something quick to uplevel your outfit as you run out the door, we have the key to your sustainable summer wardrobe. 

Our jewelry is designed to be part of your everyday life. We create sustainable jewelry that you can wear with anything, wherever you are. You deserve to feel beautiful and empowered anywhere you go. Our eco-friendly jewelry made from plastic bottles is ready to go with whatever you pull out of your closet.

Unsure how to add that special something to your summer outfits? Look no further. Our jewelry style guide is here to perfect your summer look. Get ready to accessorize sustainable jewelry for any occasion and any lifestyle. 

How to Pair Sustainable Jewelry with Your Favorite Summer Outfits

The Scent of Summer 

The scent of summer sustainable fashion jewelry


Time to become one with nature. Feel like a fairy queen in this outfit made for running barefoot through meadows, stopping to smell the flowers, and tea time under the sun. Maxidresses are a staple of summer and with our Floral Moon Drop Earrings, you can elevate the entire look to one of elegance. 

Upcycle with jing floral moon earrings


These earrings, made of 14k gold plated copper (or silver, if you choose) with white flowers, make it easy to pair with any of your favorite dresses in summer. Pull out a cute pair of sandals and a crossbody bag, and you’re ready for any adventure! 

Heat Up the Beat 

Heat up the beat flower earrings

Is it really summer if you don’t have a drink in your hand and a beat to move to? Embrace those delicious sun rays between happy hour and the boat party and then be ready to dance all night long. This sleeveless maxidress will keep you cool and make it easy to move in, while our Jasmine Triple Flower Drop Earrings and our Fairy Flower Bracelet give new life to the look. 

Triple Jasmine Drop Earrings - Sustainable Jewelry

These pieces maintain style and don’t weigh you down. You’ll be ready to groove, cheers, and sing along with your favorite people. Plus, you’ll look amazing in any photo taken. 


Sporty Vibes 

Upcycle with Jing Sporty vibes


Nothing stops you. Movement is your middle name. Accessories that slow you down? No thanks. Besides, how does one even style dainty jewelry with sneakers? It’s impossible. 

Think again! 

small forest flower stud earrings


Keep your running shoes, leggings, and sweatshirt handy, because they’ll become fast friends with our Small Forest Flower Stud Earrings. These earrings are small, but they pack a punch! A sporty outfit shouldn’t make you feel less beautiful – you’re getting things done, and that’s powerful. Dress up without messing up your vibe. The Small Forest Flower Stud Earrings will stay put all day so you can keep moving without having to worry about a thing. 

Feel the Breeze 

Upcycle with jing Feel the breeze


After soaking up the sun, you’re ready to sit back on the porch with a glass of rosé in hand. That delicious beach breeze whips up the waves as you watch the sun dip down below the horizon. Is there anything better in the world? 

Sustainable jewelry - recycled blue lake drop earrings


With the cooling temperature, no dresses for you – you’re ready for a summer outfit with jeans. Pair it with a blouse and our Blue Lake Drop Earrings that have a pop of color. Versatile, it instantly levels up the ensemble, and yet still feels relaxed and not overly done up.  

Feel the Light 

Upcycle with Jing Feel the Light


The city doesn’t stop, but you float through it with ease with each mindfully put-together piece of your outfit. Easily go from the farmer’s market to dinner without having to change a thing. Our Jasmine Double-Flower Drop Earrings are the affordable, ethical jewelry option you’ve been waiting for to complete your daily summer look. 

Jasmine double-flower drop earrings - Upcycle with Jing


Lightweight, sophisticated, and ready to go with everything, these earrings add instant class to your daytime to-dos and are ready for dinner when you are. 

Eco-Friendly Jewelry That Compliments Any Look 

Now you’re ready for summer. Dressing up and down your favorite looks from your closet doesn’t have to be complicated. Let these favorite summer outfit ideas inspire you next time you open your closet and you’ll be ready for anything

Gone are the days of: 

  • Spending hours overthinking your outfit and not knowing what is too much or too little. 
  • Feeling like you don’t have the right jewelry piece for this occasion or that occasion. 
  • Second-guessing your fashion choices. 

You’re prepped for whatever life throws your way this summer. A morning wedding, a happy hour, and a nighttime boat cruise? No problem. A lazy day of movie marathoning with your family? Got it covered. A beach day followed by sharing stories around the fire pit? Easily handled. 

No matter what your lifestyle consists of or what your fashion taste is, we have something for you. After all, sustainable jewelry is timeless. It’s not a fleeting trend that’s here for a moment and gone next season. Ethical, earth-friendly jewelry is here to stay and supports you through any outfit for any occasion. Feel your best and look your best all summer long. 

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