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Upcycled Jewelry That Matches Your Values

Finally, jewelry that won’t make you choose between your style and your values. 

You want to look good, feel good, make a statement, and stand out from the crowd with your style. You prefer that personal touch in everything you buy – something unique, handcrafted, that makes people ask, “Where did you get that?!” 

But you don’t want to sacrifice your values for the sake of fashion. You’re ready to make your mark and inspire others to follow. 

Being environmentally conscious and responsible is who you are. And that value affects every aspect of your life, including your purchasing decisions. 

You’re a trailblazer for eco-fashion, an advocate for change, and you wear your eco-friendly finds proudly – because you know your style is more than just surface level. It makes waves – it protects wildlife, it combats climate change, it shows everyone that you’re not afraid to embody your beliefs from head to toe. 

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upcycle with jing feature icons

Being Conscious and Responsible

When you shop with us, you’re making a difference. Your purchase takes plastic out of the environment, keeping our city clean and our wildlife healthy. It supports local jobs, as everything we make is produced in Finland. And with the variety of pieces we have, you can match any style or occasion.

Our collection includes brooches, earrings, hairpieces, necklaces, rings, and more. We also have upcycled jewelry DIY kits to get you started on your own upcycling journey and show you exactly how to make gorgeous jewelry from recycled plastic. 

Each piece in our collection is personally designed by Jing Wang, one of Finland’s most prominent sustainable fashion designers. After seeing the negative impact the industry has on the planet, she wanted to find another way to create beautiful jewelry that upheld her values and your values.

Today, it’s more important than ever to support companies that share your values and principles. Ethically made jewelry that combats the current environmental crisis is the way of the future.

We make sure that plastic gets recycled. You wear designer jewelry that’s sustainable and makes you look incredible. Nature gets a much-needed clean-up. 

Shop sustainable fine jewelry just for you.

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Ethics and Elegance

We know you because we’re the same way. We care about the fine details – from the designs of our jewelry to our environmental impact.

There are too many companies out there that exploit our natural resources to make their products, without a care about the damage they’re doing as long as you buy. The science is clear – we need to take care of our planet and build a sustainable relationship with it if we want to reduce the effects of climate change and protect our wildlife. 

Responsibly sourced, ethically made jewelry that’s also beautiful and elegant isn’t impossible. It’s right here. And we’re making it the norm so you can be proud of where you put your euro. 

Our jewelry handles the plastic problem. We carefully handcraft our pieces from PET plastic bottles we find in Helsinki. The end result? Repurposed designer jewelry that looks elegant and makes you feel like a queen.  

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